2020 Annual Meeting – July 18

The meeting minutes, 2020 BMA Bylaws and 2020 Water Usage Plan were posted to the website on July 25. The new annual maintenance assessment of $675.00 is due by August 30. The special assessment of $330.00 is due by September 1.

The annual meeting was conducted outdoors on Saturday, July 18 from 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. An email notice was sent on June 27 with 3 attachments: annual meeting notice, agenda and a proxy form. The remaining annual meeting materials are posted to the website under Meetings tab.

Water System Project & BMA Meetings

  • Water System: The update from Fred is that the well #1 replacement, scheduled for June 10, was postponed for further coordination with PUD.  The installation will be rescheduled for sometime in July, and the Board will then notify the water membership.
    • The project was successfully completed on July 8!
  • BMA Meetings: It is difficult to schedule a membership meeting until we can all safely gather and conduct BMA business. There are several important issues on hold pending discussions and votes. The Board is committed to ensure safety and continues to monitor the state and county guidance for conducting gatherings. “The Island County Board of Health plans to discuss application for Phase 3 on June 16, 2020. Once local officials vote to approve to apply to enter Phase 3, the application must be submitted to the state for approval by the WA State Secretary of Health. The exact date that Island County may potentially move to Phase 3 is unknown, but the process will start the week of June 15, 2020. ” (Island County, Dept. of Emergency Management Press Release, 06-12-2020). The BMA bylaws require a minimum 14 day advance notification for any meeting. In the meantime, take good care!

Updates for BMA Meetings & Annual Assessment

The health and safety of the BMA community is the Board’s #1 priority.  It was hoped that in May we could safely resume both Special meeting #2 for the bulkhead follow-up and the 2020 Annual meeting.  That was an optimistic!

The Board debated virtually several options including a BMA virtual or outdoor (at a neighbor’s with social distancing) special meeting. Neither of these options met the criterion for effective communication for such an important topic as the bulkhead. As mentioned at the March 7 Special meeting, the follow-up would be for Q & A and to propose a vote on securing an engineering contract for the bulkhead.

At this time, given the Governor’s updated phase-in plan, the Board is hoping to have the in-person Special meeting # 2 in mid to late June with the same agenda.  Followed by the 2020 Annual scheduled shortly thereafter, on another Saturday, to conduct regular BMA business.

You may be asking, “What about the annual maintenance assessment due by June 1?”  Short answer:  If we can hold the Annual meeting in June, the annual assessment due date would be extended until July 1. There are adequate funds to allow this extension. Bylaw 8.3 allows the use of contingency funds for a shortfall between Annual meetings. Longer answer – there will be an annual assessment increase proposed to offset increases in several operating expenses (water & trail).  Of course, any change to the annual assessment (or special) must be approved by the membership.

The Board hopes this update is helpful and gives you information about BMA future plans.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any Board member if you have questions!

In Other BMA New: April 27 BLC Walkthrough was held with a follow-up communication to homeowners. The steps down to the beach were enhanced through the efforts of several community members. Check it out! On May 4, the beach access trail received a make-over (contracted cutting) and look fabulous!

All BMA Meetings Postponed

The Board hopes this finds you and your family well during these unusual times. At the Board meeting on 3/24 (via Zoom) it was decided to postpone all previously scheduled BMA public meetings until further notice.  In addition to Governor Inslee’s Stay Home-Stay Healthy proclamation, the Board believes our decision to be in the community’s best interest. There will be no April 11 Special meeting or April 25 Annual meeting. Meetings will be rescheduled when it is safe to do so. Stay healthy and watch for the whales!

Opportunities to ponder:  There will be 2 open BLC positions and 1 Board position.
April 27 @ 11:00 a.m. will be the BLC Spring walkthrough.
BMAonCamano  has current information including minutes and Powerpoint from March 7 Special meeting. Questions on the bulkhead replacement can be submitted on the site under Meetings – Bulkhead Projct Q & A.  

2020 Special Meeting: March 7

The Board and Bulkhead committee have collected information over the past 3 years from a variety of resources and vendors and are ready to present those findings.
The March special meeting will be held at the Camano Library.  

CANCELLED on Jan. 21. Feb. 8  from 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. to allow Board and Bulkhead committee additional preparation time for presentation.

Saturday, March 7 from 1:30 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. to present information on the bulkhead repair/replace options, including engineering/design proposals.   This will include materials options, overall costs and potential homeowners’ expense as we consider a plan of action.  There may be a vote if the community wishes to pursue an engineering design bid for the work. A summary document will be sent electronically the week of February 17 to review prior to the meeting.

There will of course, be time for questions.

BMA Annual Meeting for 2020: Saturday, April 25: Camano Library. 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Early November Updates

Several Fall activities were hosted at the homes of BMA members and enjoyed by those who were able to attend! Good food and conversation. Thank you to all who RSVP’d with their availability! We welcomed our newest community member and an updated and reformatted BMA Directory was electronically sent to community members on November 12.

Our Water Coordinator sent an electronic notice on November 5 of an upcoming water system flushing by King Water Company on Thursday, November 21 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The guidance document that accompanied the notice was useful information.

For your winter reading enjoyment, the new BMA CCR’s, approved at the 2019 annual meeting and documented in Island County are now posted on the site under the CCRs tab. As we head into the busy holiday season, the BMA Board will keep the community informed of any new information with our ongoing community projects!

September 2019 Updates: BLC walkthrough & other maintenance

It’s been a busy summer with fine weather and an excellent crab season. The Board would like to thank all 35 community members who were able to attend the August 17 BBQ. Fourteen out of 22 homes were represented along with 2 neighboring community members. It was a fun afternoon of merriment! The following neighborhood events are scheduled. Please let the Board know if you have any questions at brutusmainassoc@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post. Enjoy the Fall!

September 5: Austin’s Fall beach trail maintenance occured late afternoon. This work is funded by BMA and will be documented in the annual budget.

September 16: BLC bi-annual walkthrough at 11:00 a.m. Also, Puget Sound Tree Care, will be trimming and removing several dangerous tree limbs overhanging the beach trail and the pump house roof. Removed wood will be chipped and limbs hauled out. These have been determined by the Board as preventative actions for the safety of trail users and the security of our water system/pump house. This work is funded by BMA and will be documented in the annual budget.

CC & R’s Update: Good News! The attorney had no additional recommendations for the changes approved at the April 2019 annual BMA meeting! The Secretary will proceed with the document reformatting process, then signed by President and notarized in September. Then submitted for official recording to Island County. Check! Bylaws: There were several additions recommended by the attorney to align BMA with best practice Washington HOA laws, including the addition of County tax parcel numbers for all identified properties. The Board supports these additions, and will bring the proposed changes to a future BMA special meeting for discussion and vote. Stay tuned!

Lot 1 Project Request Approval

On July 3, 2021 the BLC voted 2-0 with one member recusing herself to approve a request from Lot 1 to install awnings and paint their house. The request and supporting pictures are provided below. According to the Bylaws, Association members may appeal the BLC decision to the Board of Directors.

Lot 10 (Thomas) Project Request Approval

On June 9, 2021, Lot 10 (Steve and Paula Thomas) applied to the Buildings and Landscaping Committee (BLC) for approval of a project to remodel their deck and construct a portico over a portion of it. All three BLC members recused themselves from the decision to approve or reject the request. On June 28, 2021, the Board of Directors, acting in place of the BLC, approved the request by a 4-0 vote, with one Board member recusing himself. A copy of the Lot 10 request including site drawings is provided below.