Buildings & Landscaping Committee (BLC) Forms

The BLC is composed of 3 volunteer BMA members appointed by the Board who serve a 3 year term. The work of the BLC is guided by CC&R’s including 6.2 Association Approvals, 7.0 Restriction on Use of Property by Owners- Landscaping Restrictions and duties outlined in 9.0 Building and Landscaping Committee. Article IX of the BMA Bylaws Buildings and Landscaping Committee, describes the request for approval process and committee’s jurisdiction. Typically, there are 2 BLC walkarounds scheduled with ample notice to homeowners.

This summary document was provided in 2020 for homeowners.

New Procedures and Processes: In 2022 the BMA board approved new processes developed by the BLC for submitting project requests to the BLC and a revised appeal process. A new walk-though checklist was also developed. These processes are governed by the CCRs and Bylaws. Those documents can be found here:

BLC Minutes: Beginning in February 2022, minutes of all BLC meetings will be recorded and posted on the BMA website. These documents may become password protected in the future.