September 2019 Updates: BLC walkthrough & other maintenance

It’s been a busy summer with fine weather and an excellent crab season. The Board would like to thank all 35 community members who were able to attend the August 17 BBQ. Fourteen out of 22 homes were represented along with 2 neighboring community members. It was a fun afternoon of merriment! The following neighborhood events are scheduled. Please let the Board know if you have any questions at or leave a comment on this post. Enjoy the Fall!

September 5: Austin’s Fall beach trail maintenance occured late afternoon. This work is funded by BMA and will be documented in the annual budget.

September 16: BLC bi-annual walkthrough at 11:00 a.m. Also, Puget Sound Tree Care, will be trimming and removing several dangerous tree limbs overhanging the beach trail and the pump house roof. Removed wood will be chipped and limbs hauled out. These have been determined by the Board as preventative actions for the safety of trail users and the security of our water system/pump house. This work is funded by BMA and will be documented in the annual budget.

CC & R’s Update: Good News! The attorney had no additional recommendations for the changes approved at the April 2019 annual BMA meeting! The Secretary will proceed with the document reformatting process, then signed by President and notarized in September. Then submitted for official recording to Island County. Check! Bylaws: There were several additions recommended by the attorney to align BMA with best practice Washington HOA laws, including the addition of County tax parcel numbers for all identified properties. The Board supports these additions, and will bring the proposed changes to a future BMA special meeting for discussion and vote. Stay tuned!

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